Urban Startup Lab

Urban Startup Lab is a programme of workshops, starting September 2016 aimed at tech entrepreneurs wanting to harness  urban data to create new products and services and in so doing, transform business and society in an urban context.


Programme Content

The 'data-led business canvas' outlines a journey for a typical start-up:

  • Identification of the target customer
  • Identification of the problem the customer wants to solve
  • Co-creation of potential solutions to the problem
  • Encapsulation of the target solution in to a product or service
  • Identification of channels to deliver the product to the customer
  • Revenue models
  • Cost models
  • Using metrics to manage the startup process

What we have done with the business canvas is to focus it on how it might be used in a data-centric way, either because data might be at the heart of the problem/solution (such as in smart cities) or because data can inform the creation of an innovative solution to a given problem. Further, we think it would be appropriate to add into the mix modern entrepreneurship techniques, such as design thinking / lean startups / customer development, and so on.



The Urban Startup Lab programme is classroom based and delivered over a total of 4 days however in two 2-day 'chunks'.  This allows for the real-world testing of the concepts between classes.



Please email Fronesys directly to register your interest and receive costing and other information.